Written By Marilyn Mahinay

Why Niche Selling Is So Powerful
Niche Selling Generates More Sales For Independent Ecommerce Sites

I’ll get right to the point. We believe that niche marketing is here to stay and is the future of successful selling. Not because the top online resellers were saying so all across the Internet, but because we are in a unique position to watch hundreds of our own resellers do their niche marketing and the results have been pretty impressive.


It’s Easier
No Customer Distractions

It’s simply easier to promote a specific product to a specific group of buyers that have a current need or desire to buy the product(s) you are promoting.

This October of 2019, we removed all items from our Quick Start Shopping Cart and offered only Dresses and Tops. Guess what happened?

Sales increased!  There was an increase of over 31% in sales overall with our resellers. That’s 31% over normal sales when we were providing additional products like handbags, shoes and tshirts.

It turns out most of the resellers found it easier to choose what products to promote because they did not have such a large selection of additional types of products like shoes, handbags and jewelry.

It was also easier to find the right customer to sell to because of the product they were promoting.

Selling To The Masses Is Already Taken By Marketplaces Like Lazada, Shopee and Amazon
You are an independent, micro online boutique and need to find your niche and pull your piece of the pie from the larger group of buyers.

When you focus on Niche Marketing,  You sell to less people and make more sales. Your Income will increase.


What is a Niche Group?
They’re  Easier To Sell To

A niche group is a specific group of people with a specific need, want or desire.  Most people think that niche groups are small, but they can be quite large. Women are the largest online buying group in the Philippines. There are millions of us.  But, the key is to find a Narrow Niche of women to sell to.

Narrow Nich Example
Not Fewer, Just More Focused

A narrow niche example would be women that are having a birthday in the next 2 weeks and are thinking about a new dress or top to wear for their birthday party.  This is a specific narrowed group that is in the MOOD and may have a want, need or desire to wear something new for their own birthday party.

This makes it easier for you to promote your products and easier for the birthday girl to accept your marketing approach and avail that dress or top they may want.


Easier For Both Reseller & Customer To Focus
Less Distractions Mean More Sales

If we make it easier for you to focus as a reseller, it will also be easier for your customers to buy from you as well.  That’s why when we focused solely on dresses and tops, sales increased. It almost seems counter-productive, but it works and works well.

Doesn’t the customer want a wider selection of different products when they shop?
The answer is YES & NO!  Remember, that when you walk into a department store, you don’t see handbags mixed in with dresses. You don’t see shoes mixed in with leggings.

You actually have to walk over to the section of leggings to look at leggings etc.

The consumer is changing even in the Philippines. Specialty stores are offering a better selection and making more sales consistently than trying to sell a little bit of everything to everyone hoping someone will choose something you are trying to sell.

When you do your marketing properly, you will be the source for dresses and tops. So you know that when someone comes to your shopping cart, they’re there looking for dresses or tops or both.

Trying to sell to everyone is what marketplaces are for.  If you don’t have the advertising dollars and most of us don’t, then you will end up not selling hardly anything at all.

Why No Categories?
Remove All Distractions

It turns out categories are not only distractions but they are exit doors to your promotion and marketing efforts.  Customers are easily distracted and they lose focus on the dress promotion and the customer may end up not buying anything. It happens all the time.

This is another one of those secrets that the top niche players online won’t tell you. They’ll usually let out the older techniques but when they figure out something that’s new and works, they are very tight lipped about it.

This leaves the rest of us in the dark trying to figure out why that one boutique that sells only dresses is knocking the pants off of their competition. We think, it must be the products. It’s more likely their marketing and approach no matter what they sell as a niche product.

The Real Key Is Focus
It’s Worth Repeating,  It’s all about focus

When you focus, you make the sales process easier for you and easier for the buyer to choose you and your products.  It’s not how big or wide your selection is. It’s your marketing that finds the right customer for your products and that’s where it all starts.


Components of Selling To A Narrow Niche
What You Need To Sell And Do To Get Started

The components of selling to a narrow niche is actually simpler. Pick a popular product type, Use a platform that is not plagued with price wars and competitors showing their products on your pages.

Then implement a strategic strategy in finding that narrow niche of people that have a want, need or desire for your product, know how to approach them properly with emotional triggers that get their attention and action.

Then it’s about knowing how to handle the common questions and knowing how to lead the customer to a sale. Don’t be the one that says or thinks, I know how to answer their questions, that’s easy. Usually those sellers are the first ones to get upset because they are killing their own sales opportunities.

It’s not rocket science, it’s bit of human and sales psychology combined and it’s all already done for you.
It’s just a easy to follow process with all the how to instruction you need.



No Experience Required
Training and Marketing Materials Are Provided

Because Lynns Fashion Store practices Niche Marketing even with it’s reseller members, it’s a natural fit to use our Quick Start Shopping Cart Membershiip selling platform to start your niche selling venture.

The difference is that they give you the tools, training and support you need to find your own customers easily.

Lynns Fashion Store teaches and guides you how to convert 1st time buyers into repeat buyers and build your repeat buyer base so you can relax in the future instead of burn yourself out with no strategy at all.

What you think and what is in the online sales industry is often two different things. So partner up with a mentor with over 12 years experience and lets chat.

Lynns Fashion Store does have a low membership fee of P1500 pesos for a full year.
(This fee goes directly to Marilyn Mahinay, Owner of Lynns Fashion Store and is not an affiliate link of any kind.)

Step 1.  We ask that you register first at https://getyourfreegifthere.com/quick-start-reseller-membership/
Step 2.  Then make your payment and in 24 hours or less, you will receive your activated, branded shopping cart.

  • You will get a unique branded shopping cart with your logo.

  • Products are pre-loaded for you and they remove all sold out stocks and add new stocks.

  • It’s a life time membership but the shopping cart itself has a optional yearly renewal fee of P1000 per year

  • Drop shipping is the norm and delivery anywhere in the Philippines usually takes 2-4 days.

  • Complete how to get started instructions are provided.

  • Training Materials Are Provided.

  • Marketing Materials Are Provided included the infamous Copy Paste Marketing Handbook.

  • Full Help Desk Customer Support 7 Days A Week

  • There are no forced price wars because they don’t allow other members to advertise on your “Add To Cart” page.

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