Written By Marilyn Mahinay

What Products Perform The Best In Philippines?
Dresses Are a Top Seller

Hootsuite rates Fashion and Beauty together as the top product sellers. However, It should be noted that dresses rank number10 for searching on Google in the Philippines and nothing else in specific products for popular searches. These stats are based on January 2019 statistics. Statistics for 2020 won’t be available for a few more months.

Beauty products and other clothing items don’t even rank in the top 20 for searches on Google in the Philippines.  This is very powerful information and should not be ignored. These stats will help you understand the real buying patterns for online Ecommerce sites in the Philippines.



Dress Site Popularity
Specializing in Niche Products

We find that niche websites will be the way to sell top products now and in the future. Just like everything else, specialty shops online and off are becoming more and more popular.

Those that fail to recognize this will find their sales dropping while the niche selling websites increase in popularity. Women buy more than men online by 33% in the Philippines according to Hootsuite



Women Love Dresses
We Think Differently Than Men

So, why are dresses so popular?  I’m sure it has something to do with the largest online buying segment being women.  We love being in love. We love looking beautiful and it doesn’t matter if we’re shy or the bold assertive type.

We love dresses because of how they make us feel and if you can make me feel elegant or sexy with a dress. You’ve likely got a sale from me.

Mini Dresse, Long Dresses, Maxi Dresses, Silk Dresses, Off Shoulder Dresses, Wedding Guest Dresses, Casual Cotton Dresses, Soft Denim Dresses. They all come in different materials, lengths and styles. A dress can determine how you feel about yourself for the day and how other think about you also.

Dresses are a form of expression. When I want to impress it’s usually a dress that I’ll wear. I won’t wear jeans and a top to impress, it’s all about the dress so don’t under estimate the power of the right dress for that special occasion.



When Do I Want To Buy A New Dress?
The Best Number One Buying Excuse For Women To Buy

I have to admit that if I had the money I’d have a major walk-in closet just for dresses. But in all practicality I do buy only when I seem to not have anything to wear, hehe.

Buying patterns can usually be seen easier by looking at special holidays or events.  Birthdays I believe are the best times to promote party dresses. Birthday girls are more receptive to getting something new for that very special day.

Everybody has a birthday every year. How many people can you approach just before their birthday and offer them something special? I’ve even been known to buy a party dress for myself just to attend a another  birthday party..

As a woman, I use special events as an excuse to buy, but for the seller of dresses these are excuses to start your promos.  Birthdays, Girls Night Out Parties, Graduation Parties, Beach Parties, Dancing The Night Away, Being on a Date, Weddings, Shopping Ventures, Business Parties, Valentines, Attending Graduations, Going To The Mall, PayDays (time for something new like a dress) Christmas, New Years.

Did I miss any other reasons to buy dresses?  Of course I did.



Focus On Dresses and Earn The Income You Want
In This Case It’s Not The Big Picture, It’s the Narrow Picture You Must Look At

So if you want to sell something in the easiest way possible and who doesn’t?  The focus on the Largest group of buyers online in the Philippines. That’s Women. Then focus on what they buy the most and that’s dresses. Then narrow the promotion to a special occasion.  This is known as narrow niche selling.

You can spend a couple of days and simply create promotions for all year long with all the different special occasions happening.



Selling Smart and Not Hard Is The Key
In This Case It’s Not The Big Picture, It’s the Narrow Picture You Must Look At

Smart entrepreneurs don’t try to sell everything to everyone. They focus on a niche group, narrow that group to special occasion selling and then promote their specific niche friendly products.  It’s not costly, it’s not rocket science. It’s common sense that sometimes we overlook.

You have essentially one large group of online buyers, that’s women. There are millions of them out there and they love to buy dresses. The problem isn’t finding women, it’s finding the right woman at the right time to buy the dress or dresses you are promoting.

The loudest squeak get the most attention. If you have a door or gate that squeaks so bad it hurts your ears or irritates you, they are the ones that have your attention. When it’s time to quiet those squeaks the loudest squeak gets fixed first because it has your undivided attention.

Your marketing and approach is like that squeak but not in an irritating way. But in a real attention grabbing way.  If you do it properly, your sales will increase and you will earn the income you desire.



No Experience Required
Training and Marketing Materials Are Provided

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