Video Subscription Service

Download a New Marketing Video Every Month for just a P495 one-time yearly fee. Lynns Fashion Store realizes that video creation is time-consuming, can be expensive and if you don’t have the tools and experience, is a pain to create.  So with that said! We’ve come up with a video subscription service that will allow you to create a monthly footprint on Facebook, Youtube, Shopify, Blog websites and anywhere else online you wish with a new monthly video.

The cool thing is that each monthly video will feature some of the latest stocks available. It’s as easy as visiting our video subscription page and download the latest video.  A new video will be available for download on the 1st of each month.

The videos may reflect the current holiday, like Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day Etc. to help boost sales for that month. There will be a preview of the video that is available for that month. That’s 12 videos for one low low yearly subscription fee.


Subscription Fee:

P495 pesos for the Full Year
Each video has a value of P350 each so that’s total VALUE OF P4,200 pesos. And, you get all 12 videos for a one time yearly fee of just P495.00

Branding Customization

P150 pesos per video
We’ll brand your video by adding  your logo and web address (can be facebook, shopping cart, blog or any web address you wish) to the video.  Imagine by the end of the year you’ll have 12 branded marketing videos promoting your products and your website. How Cool Is That?


How To Subscribe – Instructions

  1. Subscribe on the form to the  <<<<< LEFT first.

  2. Send us a copy of your P495 Yearly Video Subscription Fee. (This can be done via chat on Instant Fashion Business Facebook Page)

  3. You will recieve a subscription verification email with a password to access the monthly videos.

  4.  Then you can access the download page to download a new video every month.

Your Benefit

The benefit of subscribing to a new monthly marketing video is that you will have 12 different videos promoting your business on Youtube, Facebook and any other internet locations you upload them to. This is how many online businesses generate a large footprint on the Internet.

Building Trust

When a customer keeps seeing your advertising videos, because that is what marketing videos are. They will begin to feel comfortable seeing your business name. This is called brand recognition. Get more traffic, get seen more!

We all dream of having brand recognition. We all want to be a household name like Lazada or Amazon or Mcdonalds, but, they all started out small and they advertised a lot and that’s exactly what you can do.

With the Internet you don’t need to pay millions of USD dollars, you simply need to get the word out a lot. Marketing is your priority as a business.

If people don’t know you exist, how do you expect to make sales.

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