20 Year Old Ella

Ella was a single 20 year old with a two year old baby boy and  living with her auntie who was supporting them.

Ella spent most of her time taking care of her baby,  cooking and cleaning for a little spending money and she only had a hand me down data phone. All she could do was dream about getting a job and finding a man that would love her and the baby and help support the family.

One day in November 2014 her auntie came home and gave a fake smart phone to Ella. She could now connect to Facebook. Ella was very happy and spent all of her free time taking selfies and having fun. She already had a facebook page that her bff helped her make.  With the smart phone she could actually see pics of other boys and she was going crazy uploading lots of selfies almost every day and chatting with boys looking for that forever love. Life was good.

Terrible Accident

Christmas 2014 was a nice holiday but then her auntie got into a motor accident and all the extra money quickly disappeared. Her auntie had broken her hip and one leg and damage one of her arms pretty bad and it did not look like she would be able to return to work for a long time.

Ella’s auntie was scared and because she was no longer able to bring her salary home, they were living on her savings which was not much and she knew it would run out soon and things would get really hard.

Ella’s auntie then asked her if she could try to find a job. The auntie would stay home and try to take care of the baby while Ella could work and bring home money. But after two weeks Ella was unable to find a job.

Her auntie then said lets see if we can sell something on the Internet and make money that way.  She had heard it was easy to do.

Ella Finds Lynns Fashion Store Wholesale Supplier and Reseller Programs

In late  January of 2015, Ella signed up to be a free Facebook reseller with Lynns Fashion Store. She said it was her first try at selling online. Ella’s auntie even talked to the owner of the wholesale company and decided to give it a try. Since there was no money needed to start, Ella and her auntie together came up with a fun business name and the graphic design department came up with a nice logo, Facebook banner and profile pic.

They got their step by step instructions and learned how to copy-paste, Because Ella only had a few Facebook family members and friends that did not work and had little money, both of them started to realize that they would not be able to make any sales from their existing family and friends and boys that did not want to help with any money or sales.

Ella chatted with the support marketing department of Lynns Fashions Store and asked what to do next.

The support department gave Ella and her auntie a checklist of how to find new Facebook friends and invite them. They told her that she needed to try to find older Filipinas that fit a certain profile or target market. Within a week they received their first order of two items. They made a profit of 200 pesos. It was so exciting.

First Sale and Release of Fear

Ella admitted she did not believe in her heart that they would sell anything but that day she and her auntie held each other and cryed on each others shoulders. They were happy because now they both realized they could really sell online.

By the end of February, they had made a total  of 35 sales and a total of 8,300 in profits. Money was still tight but they were able to put food on the table and pay bills. They were happy. By the end of March they did a little bit better making almost 11,000 pesos profit.

Complaining Work Too Hard

When the support department from Lynns Fashion Store contacted them through their Facebook to see how things were going, they said that it was hard work always checking for out of stock items and having to remove them and adding new stocks and having 40-50 items always current everyday was very hard work especially using a borrowed tablet.

The support department then suggested that they upgrade to the Instant Fashion Business Membership reseller program and get a complete branded shopping cart with over 2000 items displayed and ready to sell. The tech department would do all the work, add new stocks weekly and remove sold out items daily.

All Ella and her auntie had to do was focus on inviting new friends to their shopping cart and completing orders. The fee was a 1500 php yearly price.  The support department assured them it would make life much easier and they would likely have better sales.

Upgraded to IFB Membership with Branded Shopping Cart

They upgraded to the IFB membership and within 24 hours were directing all of their existing customers to their new shopping cart. Within 3 days they sold over 20 items and made more than 2,600 pesos.

The auntie went back to work in late April and Ella pretty much took over the online business. Ellas says that some months their sales are up a lot and other months are just average in sales of about 20,000 per month.

Excellent Success!

In November and December of 2015, They had their best sales ever… November over 40,000 in profits and 30,000 in December.

Now in January 2016, Ella’s auntie wants to quit her job and help Ella with the orders and stay at home and enjoy the baby.  We asked Ella if she found her forever love yet and she said… “No Time, Too Busy” but she did say she’s going to pick a guy with a job this next time. No more plastic boys for her!

Ella did not have a dream to have her own online fashion store, nor did her auntie. Some would say it’s GODS INTERVENTION. Regardless, it was a struggle, it was scary and it was a challenge and a leap of faith.

We salute these two women. We honor their experience by telling their story. No matter what you choose to do in life it always requires focus, faith and yes even a little bit of fear. Fear is the best motivator, it keeps us alive and it helps us focus…

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