Experienced FB Reseller?

Princess said she was an experienced FB reseller but did not make much money selling other items. She tried baby clothes, toys, cellphone load services and none of them seemed to work. So she signed up with Lynns Fashion Store as a Free Facebook Reseller. She received all the normal info we give our signups and then we never heard from her.

Making Excuses Already

Two weeks later we contacted  Princess and asked if she was making any sales and she said no and that she thought selling on Facebook was just a scam. I was pretty shocked because her words were so final and she had seemed to have given up.

I then asked her if I could review her Facebook page and she said that was ok with her. Here is what I found.

  1. She had only posted 11 items and they had already been sold out and she did not replace them.

  2. She posted no banners that we offered her.

  3. I asked her how many friends she invited to view her products and she said this… “All my friends follow me and I don’t have to personally invite them”.

  4. I asked her why she only posted 11 items as we recommend you post a minimum of 40-50 items and she said she did not have time to post that many.


So I asked her if we could have a very serious chat and that I needed to ask some personal questions so I could understand what was really going on. She said ok.

  1. How old are you? She said 33

  2. Are you married? Yes but he does not live with her and they have a open relationship

  3. Do you have children? She said yes, 3 kids, 8, 10 and 11

  4. Do you live by yourself with your kids or with parents? She said her parents

  5. Do you have a job? No I have to take care of my kids

  6. How many friends on Facebook do you have? About 600 I think

  7. When you tried to sell the baby clothes and all the other stuff, did you make sales? No not really

  8. Can I tell you something that may hurt your feelings but you tell me if its really true or not? Yes I suppose.

  9. If you do the same thing over and over and it doesn’t work, how do you expect to try to sell our clothes the same way and expect it to be successful this time? She said because it’s nice clothes.

  10. I said, ah I see. Ok


Finally Getting A Promise

  1. Ok I’m willing to help you learn how to make sales but you have to promise me that you will do exactly what I tell you. Can you do that? She said ok, how soon will I start making money? I replied probably shortly after you do everything I tell you to do. She said ok I will try! I said no try, do, you have to do it, not try to do it. She said ok.

  2. The first thing you have to do is re do your profile pic and Facebook header banner and I explained to her what to do… she said ok I can do that.

  3. I then said you have to post 40 items from our wholesale website. HER IMMEDIATE RESPONSE WAS I DON’T HAVE TIME TO DO THAT, I JUST DON’T. I asked her why and she says my kids are very demanding, my parents are sick and I take care of them and I’m just so tired and I just don’t have time to sit and do all that work?

  4. I then said, What if I can show you a way where all you have to do everyday is commit one hour on the Internet. You have to send a message to each friend using chat messenger 20 times a day only and then you have to invite 20 NEW Friend Requests everyday. That’s it. That’s all the work you will be required to do unless of course you make a sale and you have to accept the money, pay us for the items ordered and we’ll ship directly to your customer in your name and you don’t even have to handle the items. You just keep the profits. SHE SAID I CAN DO THAT.

  5. I then asked her do you want to make money fast or are you willing to do this slowly? She said Fast of course.

  6. I said we have a very powerful Instant Fashion Business Membership. I explained that it is a professionally branded shopping cart with over 2000 items, styles and colors of womens clothing already displayed and we do all the work. We do all the adding of new stocks weekly, we remove all sold out items and we provide her with a professional marketing video and ALL SHE HAS TO DO is invite friends to visit her REAL WOMENS CLOTHING BOUTIQUE ONLINE and then request new friends to her Facebook page every day and not to work more than one hour everyday.  She said wow that’s nice is it free also?

  7. I said no its not free but it is very inexpensive. I told her that it’s a one time yearly fee of 1500 php. She said oh that’s too expensive for me. I said what if you could borrow the money and repay that money within a month as long as she promises to do the work. She said she would have to discuss it with her parents.

  8. I then told her that any real business is worth investing in but the key to everything is she won’t make excuses to not do the work. If she has to get up one hour earlier or go to bed one hour later, that will determine her real success if she’s so busy at home. She said yes I can do that.


She Wanted Guarantee and Assurances

  1. Can you guarantee me to make money? I said no, because I cannot force you to do the work. If for any reason you come up with an excuse to not do the work there will be no sales but our resellers that do the work, they all make money. I cannot promise you anything other than that. She said ok.

  2. She then asked will you really help me? I said yes I will hold your hand but you have to do the work and steps I tell you to do. She said ok.

6 Days To A Sale

It took her 2 days to get her Facebook in order as we instructed. She made her first sale 4 days later so a total of 6 days from the time she signed up and she was very excited.

30 Days and Still Making Sales

The first 30 days she only made a little over 6,500 pesos. I found out she was cheating and not adding new friends to her Facebook. When I finally convinced her that it was the easiest thing in the world to do, her sales started to increase.

4 months later she is very happy and now works more than an hour a day. She says about 2-3 hours a day and she not only paid her parents back the 1500 but she pays for the medicine they sometimes cannot afford. She says she feels really good now about herself and the last time I checked her previous months profit was over 21,000 pesos.  She says she’s never ever made that much money in her life and has referred 2 friends to our reseller program and they all compete against each other and have become even closer. They call themselves the 3 Fashionistas!

Once again we salute Princess for stepping up to the challenge. She had the dream but not the how to. She overcame her bad attitude. She sucked it up and faced the extra work hours and just did it. She tried to cheat but we caught her and she then started doing everything and she learned a valuable lesson that following the steps and following instructions will lead to success and happiness. The 3 Fashionistas! Go Figure…haha

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