Written By Marilyn Mahinay

Reselling Online Products Philippines: A Quick Guide


How To Get Started Selling Products Online In the Philippines

I wish that it was this easy when I started over 10 years ago. Today you can sell just about anywhere and anything online you want. You don’t have to buy products first to resell. You can simply use your suppliers’ images and post them with product descriptions, pricing, and all the details. Once you get the order, chances are your supplier will drop ship the order directly to your customer for you.

So how you get started will be a personal choice you have to make.




There’s a Lot of Benefits to Reselling Online In the Philippines

  • There is no product monetary investment for inventory.

  • You have a large selection of platforms you can sell from.

  • Selling in the Philippines is easier than selling products outside of the country.

  • Payment Options are becoming easier to accept money other than cash meetups and cash remittance services.

  • Online bank transfers are very popular now so all you need is a basic bank account.

  • There are more reliable RTW Suppliers now than ever to choose from.

  • Baclaran and Divisoria are no longer the hidden secrets of resellers in days past.

  • Depending on the selling platform you use, you can determine your own markup and profit margin.

  • Some platforms give you a lot of control and others have some limits and each has its own pros and cons.


What Is a Good Reseller Platform I Can Use To Sell in the Philippines?

Market Places

I’m going not to mention all of them but, Everyone knows about Lazada and Shopee. They are super popular and have high customer satisfaction when it comes to ease of finding products and at the best prices. These are typically referred to as Marketplaces.

However there is a caveat to marketplaces, You do have to be careful as a reseller or merchant because they do force you to allow other merchants to actually advertise on your “Add To Cart” page and you are typically forced to play the “Price War” game as well.

Imagine this, you run a facebook ad to draw hundreds if not thousands of people to look at your product on an ad. The interested potential customer clicks on the ad and ends up on your shopping cart product page where they are hopefully supposed to add to cart and purchase your product.

But curiosity gets the better of them and they scroll down just a little bit and now see many similar and related products from your fellow merchants. And, let’s call them what they really are, competitors.

So this potential buyer sees the same or similar item at a lower price. They simply click on that image and they are gone and so is your sale.  Does this happen all the time, probably not, but it could happen more than you think.

So all the time, effort and money you put into your ad, just to get someone to your site to be swept away by another similar or related item with a lower price is, at least in my opinion, not a good business practice.

So marketplaces can be a bit tricky to sell on. The best way to use a marketplace, in my opinion, is to have a product that is either the lowest price (but has a decent profit margin for you) or is a unique item that has very low competition and those are hard to find and they typically don’t last long. Why? Because we live and a copycat world and if other merchants see your product is selling, the will be selling the same thing soon.



Selling in the Philippines With a Pre-Loaded Shopping Cart

To be transparent, Quick Start Shopping Cart is a different kind of shopping cart platform. And, I own the Lynns Fashion Store that operates our selling platform here in the Philippines. Lynns Fashion Store is not a Lazada or Shopee and we have our own membership base. We accept resellers all the time.

Memberships are fee-based but are low in cost. We offer reseller training, marketing material, and tools to use. We are probably one of the few here in the Philippines that actually does that.

The shopping cart is based on a subdomain platform and does not allow other members to advertise on your shopping cart. There is no forcing of price wars and you pretty much operate as an independent, micro online business because that’s what you really are.

They do have a limit of P50 profit margin per item and that is set and cannot be changed. However, if you avail of their Dropshipping membership, you can use your own selling platform anywhere online and determine your own profit margins.

The Quick Start is titled that way because they can have a shopping cart up and activated with your business name in 24 hours or less ready to start selling instantly.

The downside is that it’s a subdomain name they issue you but the workaround is you can use your own dedicated domain name with a .com etc.  Just mask over the subdomain name with your .com and no one will know the difference. That’s common among the members.

The upside is that they maintain the products for you and remove all sold out stocks and add new for you. This gives you a lot of free time to focus on marketing, selling and whatever else is important to you.



Selling On An Independent Platform in the Philippines

Another way and what I consider the best way if you have the time, energy and effort is to use create your own shopping cart platform. There are open-source eCommerce sites also.

Opencart, Premade Shopping Cart Themes, and others or you can use Shopify, Wix or simply hire a web designer/developer to do one for you, but they all require hosting and domain name services and fees. So if you are more a DIY person, this is where you need to be.

If you’re more of a. I have no clue what to do, or just don’t have the time to do it all from scratch, then maybe QuickStart or even a marketplace might be your best direction.



How do you make money selling online in the Philippines?

Typically you find a supplier first, then you will use their images and post them on the selling platform you believe is best for you. You then add your profit margin to the wholesale price that the supplier gives you per item.

The caveat here is we all want to make as much money as possible on each item, but the key is what will the market/consumer accept at a reasonable price. That’s why having someone in the industry that knows the pricing is good to have around.

Most new or beginning resellers just think they know and often are the biggest reason why they don’t make sales. Asking too much for a product. Then when the seller does not make any sales, they think it’s either the shopping cart or the products. When in reality it’s a combination of proper pricing and how to market properly.


Selling Online In the Philippines via Niche Selling is Best

I say this because after many years of doing this and watching thousands of resellers come and go. Some are fast at failure, some are slow, but we also see the successful ones that do the best and make the best incomes online even here in the Philippines.

Niche Selling has proven to be the best way to get to sales fast. Why? Let’s say that you sell only dresses and tops. You don’t sell anything else. You soon become well known through your marketing that you only sell dresses and tops.

So now when a customer that knows you sell exclusively dresses and tops here in the Philippines, they have the intent to buy dresses or tops or both. This increases your conversion rate of visitors to buyers because they know in advance what you are selling and they’re not coming to browse. Some do but most come for a purpose.

By selling to a niche group of women, and selling only dresses and tops, your marketing is more focused, it becomes easier over time. The sales increase because the customer is not distracted by handbags and shoes. They’re there to buy dresses and tops and when there are no distractions, buying is easier for them.



The Biggest Mistake of Selling Online In the Philippines

Everyone thinks that having lots of items to sell to everyone is the best way to sell online. That’s exactly the opposite that you should do.  Why?  Because there is no focus. Niche selling is all about focus and that’s where I really see it and believe it if you want to earn a nice income selling online in the Philippines.

If you have investors and a couple of million USD dollars to devote like Lazada and Shopee or Millions like Amazon did, then go for it. But remember, you are truly an independent micro online business especially as a startup. So dreams are wonderful, but please allow for the reality of it all. Start small, think big, but think smart.

If you want to fail fast try to sell a little bit of everything. If you want to succeed even faster, focus and find a niche to sell on.