These are what we call Short Stories of our resellers.  We chose these stories because they show the empowerment of the Filipina. Whether you are educated or not, have experience or not in selling online, whether you’ve dreamed to be a online fashionista or not, these ladies are true pioneers.

Some of these Filipinas had the dream and some did not, but they all ended up as a success story. Some make more than others, some are happy with a steady small income while others pushed to their limits. Many of the stories we will continue to add are at a minimum inspirational. Some were down right heart stopping.

As you read or listen to these stories you will hear common issues, common challenges and common solutions of which everyone resulted in success.

Were there failures? Of course their were, some just gave up and walked away no matter how hard we tried to help. Some were lazy, some had very legitimate reasons for leaving and some just could not grasp the idea of following instructions and some simply had no patience.

Remember the old saying? You can bring a horse to water but you cannot force them to drink it. We can give you tools, training, instruction, steps and guidance but we cannot force you to follow and do what is required. So you are truly responsible for your own actions.

What you see below is not the full story, they are clippings in quotes of what is contained in the full story. Simply click the more link below each segment to read the whole story.

“Ella was a single 20 year old with a two year old baby boy and  living with her auntie who was supporting them.”

“Ella’s auntie then asked her if she could try to find a job. The auntie would stay home and try to take care of the baby while Ella could work and bring home money. But after two weeks Ella was unable to find a job.”

“Ella admitted she did not believe in her heart that they would sell anything but that day she and her auntie held each other and cryed on each others shoulders. They were happy because now they both realized they could really sell online.”

“Ella did not have a dream to have her own online fashion store, nor did her auntie. Some would say it’s GODS INTERVENTION. Regardless, it was a struggle, it was scarry and it was a challenge and a leap of faith.”

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“Princess said she was an experienced FB reseller but did not make much money selling other items. “

“Two weeks later we contacted  Princess and asked if she was making any sales and she said no and that she thought selling on FB was just a scam.”

“She then asked will you really help me? I said yes I will hold your hand but you have to do the work and steps I tell you to do. She said ok.”

“Once again we salute Princess for stepping up to the challenge. She had the dream but not the how to. She overcame her bad attitude. She sucked it up and faced the extra work hours and just did it.”

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“I immediately asked Gracie how old she was and she said 24. I asked her do you have a job, she said no, I asked her if she lived at home and she said yes, “

“I then asked the million dollar question. Why did you signup if all you do is play on FB and don’t post anything and certainly haven’t followed our instructions we gave you? “

“She replied and said I just need to do this because I’m pregnant and I think my boyfriend might leave me and I need to make money now.  I was surprised that she was being really honest with me this time.”

“On the very last day of week two, she made three sales for a total of 700 pesos profit. She chatted me on FB and was excited. The following week she made just under 1000 pesos profit and was able to pay her mother back.”

“Today she is making close to 15,000 pesos per month. She lost her baby which was sad and she no longer has a boyfriend”

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