blog-newbievsexperiencedWe all know that new online resellers need a whole lot more help than experienced resellers. The problem is sometimes, just sometimes an experienced reseller will have acquired bad habits from previous online sales experience. 

Our Support Department, can help both but often, experienced resellers are a bit more stubborn. They don’t ask for help, they don’t read instructions and they have pre-conceived ideas of what works and what doesn’t and then when they make no sales, they complain that the product is bad or the platform sucks or it’s just not for them and quit.

THE TRUTH IS… We don’t know what we don’t know… How in the world can you move forward if you don’t have knowledge that works? Thinking that doing something once and finding out that it doesn’t work, then doing the same thing over and over will somehow eventually work is naive and a newbie move. 

If someone has a process or technique that really works, try it. If you follow the process exactly and it doesn’t work go find another process until you find one that works. If it does work, then repeat it over and over and sales will multiply.

We love newbies because they can usually be molded. But experience tells us that many newbies have bad habits also, not reading, not following instructions and not being persistent and giving up too easily. 

THE ABSOLUTE BEST ADVICE WE HAVE IS TO USE OUR SUPPORT DEPARTMENT. We’re here for you. We’re not standing by because we have nothing to do, but we will always be happy to help as long as you are open to our suggestions and instructions.  HELP US SUPPORT YOU and follow the instructions we provide you first. Then lets make sales together!

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