Written By: Marilyn Mahinay

Recommended Products and Services: Free and Paid

I am recommending the following products and services because everyone on our staff here uses the same exact products and services. Some are free and some are fee based.

Often they are incredibly helpful and give you great results. So take your time, visit each product or service and see if it is a good fit for you.  Lynns Fashion Store is all about providing you great products and services and that means giving you a sneak peak into what we use to help ourselves grow.  Enjoy!

401+ Ridiculously Useful Power Words To Increase Conversions

Power words can be super useful when you are using chat, text or email to market your products or services. I highly recommend you use this free tool.

YouTube Video Downloader

Often you may want to download tutorial videos for review while offline.  This is the easiest way to get that done.

Remove Image Background

100% Automatically and Free, how many times have you have an image and you thought, this would be great if there was not background around the image.  What a cool and useful tool.

Quick Start Shopping Cart Membership Discount Offer

So you  want a discount for our P1500 Quick Start Shopping Cart? Ok, that’s cool. Just go to this link and type in a 5 star review for us and then let us know the review is done.

Make sure you register for the Quick Start Shopping Cart Membership and once you receive your personal approval for the discount, go ahead and pay for the membership and send us a copy of your payment transaction.

You can use Instant Fashion Business as the Facebook Messenger if you wish.



Letter Counter

There is no better and effiecient way to create great ranking power than with website page or blog post content. Knowing what Google wants without truncating an important title is super important. We love this tool.

Word Counter

Similar to the letter counter, knowing how many words you type into an email is critical as well because different kinds of content with word content have a better readership that others.

Lucidchart Chart Maker

What a great way to create charts to layout your organizational work process or income goals etc.
We use these to show our multiple income sources, promotional activity, scheduling etc. Many people are very visual and if you’re one of them this free online tool is irreplaceable.

UnSplash Free Images For Everyone

Taking images from search engines is becoming increasingly dangerous as most of their images are likely copyrighted. I often see people using images and logos with watermarks still on them. That is not a good thing to do as it puts you and your business at risk of being sued. Just don’t go there and use Unsplash and you’ll be safe everytime.