Enhance Your Business With Products and Services

Having a real online business is not as simple as posting your products and praying someone buys them. Although many of you do exactly that. Then you wonder why you are not making any sales. So the products and services listed below are created to help you either find customers, generate traffic and help you to engage your customers and lead them to making a buying decision.


  • Newbie To Fashionista Marketing Book

  • Birthday Video Marketing Packet (10 Videos)

  • Mobile Square Videos For IG, Facebook, Mobile Phones

  • Copy – Paste Scripts Power Handbook

  • Sales Banner Package


  • QuickStart Shopping Cart Membership

  • DropShip Membership

  • Custom Video Production

  • Yearly Marketing Video Subscription

  • Talking Host For Your Website

Products Descriptions and Pricing



Newbie To Fashionista Marketing Book – P200
This book has been called the operating manual by some of our top sellers online. 160 pages of marketing techniques and strategies to help grow a business online or off. It’s ideal for a newbie/beginner looking to get a quick overview of things to come and how to move your business forward.



Birthday Video Marketing Packet (10 Videos) – P495
These videos have been a top sales getter for a couple of years now. They’re timeless in that the are cute, get to the point and drive traffic to your shopping cart. A must-have for beginners and experienced.



Mobile Square Videos For IG, Facebook, Mobile Phones (6 Packet) – P495
These videos are the latest easy to fit on IG, Facebook, and Mobile phones. Just more unique product promotional videos in a Square size, looks a little different and definitely attention-getters. Just more trust-building videos for your business building effort.



Sales Banner Package (10 combination sales offer banners) – P495
These are the staple of any online business. If you don’t have professional banner making skills and find it easier to pick up a group of banners, this is the package for you.

Too often we see banners that still have watermarks on them and that’s illegal and unprofessional.

So stealing banners from google or search engines is a poor business decision these days. Don’t be the one to get a nasty letter from an attorney demanding payment because you stole their images from the Internet.



Copy – Paste Scripts Power Handbook – P995
This is probably the most important tool you can use to convert and close sales.  Remember, it’s not just what yo say but how you say it and there is a little bit of human and sales psychology in each approach, question, and answer.

When you know the most common questions and have the best responses to them, you will generate more sales. Di you know you can actually with the right approach, respond to likes and convert many of them into sales.

So yes you can make money from likes. But, there is a technique to it and we’ve proven it works.

Services Descriptions and Pricing


QuickStart Shopping Cart Membership – P1500 yearly fee (no hidden costs, renewal is optional)

This shopping cart system is designed to save you time and effort. That is why it’s called “QuickStart”. It is a standalone shopping cart website that is pre-loaded with women’s dresses and tops. We remove sold out stocks and add new for you.

This membership is best for those of you that are busy, don’t have a lot of time, have a job,  are a stay at home mom or dad,or just starting your online venture. If you are experienced you know how much time can be saved when we do the maintenance for you.

Products displayed in the shopping cart have a default profit margin of P100 pesos.



DropShip Membership – P995 One Time Fee (No yearly renewal fee or hidden costs)

This membership is for those of you that want 100% full control. You determine where you want to sell your products, You create your own descriptions, pricing and determine your own profit margins per item.



Custom Video Production – P995
A custom video consists of up to 10 images of your business. Background music, Limited animation of text and effects. The purpose is to highlight your business and help you stand apart from your competition.

The video is then given to you after approval and you can place the video on any social media or web platform you wish.



Yearly Marketing Video Subscription – P495 per year

You can download one new Marketing Video per month for 12 months for a one-time yearly fee of P495. By posting a new marketing video every month, you start to build your brand and people will begin to see and trust you as they see your footprint on the Internet grow.

This is how many businesses grow their business. Videos also generate extra free traffic to your products and website.



Talking Host For Your Website – P495 per year
Talking hosts are an excellent way to do promotions as often as you wish. It’s usually an animated character that uses either a real voice recording or a text to speech feature so the character is attractive and attention-getting with the message.

Every visitor that comes to your shopping cart will see your talking host and can listen to the message you want to provide.