Dumaguete City Dress and Blouses Wholesale and Retail

So if you are looking for a couple of bras for yourself, this is the place to go. If you are looking for a local, bra Wholesale Supplier resource and need bras fast, this is the place to be. Right here in Dumaguete City.
Only 5 minutes north of Robinsons Mall in Banilad and it’s a walk-in Boutique.

Exclusively Dresses and Tops

LynnsFashionStore.com online only, offers RTW wholesale dresses and blouses in Dumaguete City at wholesale prices.  Find the latest in style and trends online in Dumaguete City.

Retailors from all over Negros shows up to select and order bras and bra sets. Bulk discounts are available and we also will deliver to you directly or anywhere in the Philippines in 2-4 days.

Become A Dumaguete Reseller Member

It’s not rocket science to resell dresses and tops in Dumaguete City.  Did you know that women are the largest buying group online today. They out buy  men by over 30% on the Internet. There are millions of women buying millions of dresses and you can get your piece of the pie.

It’s easy to become a member, but do consider this first. A real business whether it’s a part time or full time venture does take focus and commitment. So as long as you have at least 45 minutes per day of uninterrupted, distraction free time, you’ll do really well.

There is also a low membership fee to start as well, but that’s OK because you get training and marketing materials to help boost your progress and sales. Are you ready to go from newbie to fashionista in a flash…

So just click on the red button at the bottom of our web page or on your mobile and Let’s chat!