Her name is Mary Honeybee and although she looks like a model, she is not. In our eyes she is more of a SuperMom.  Single with two kids 7 and 8. She describes them as a handful but are the love of her life.

Mary has the normal dreams we all have wanting to improve her situation, become financially independent and was simply looking for the right opportunity to earn an income online. When she found Lynns Fashion Store, she reviewed their 3 membership options and thought that the Quick Start Shopping Cart Membership would be best for her.

She signed up on February 26th and by Saturday the 2nd of march she had her first small order. But what we did not know was that she had been a busy bee (no pun intended) she posted many of her products on her FB page, she met with others in person and showed them products on her I-pad and told them that if she could get enough orders, she could do meet-ups and avoid any shipping fees.

We have to admit, this woman is smart. We’ve never had anyone recognize the technique of simply meeting people in person, pulling out her I-pad, showing them the items on her shopping cart and then taking orders right then and there.

Mary got the idea from a local restaurant that refuses to take orders manually. They have to place their order via an I-Pad in the restaurant.
She said this… “Like the restaurant wingstop. U have to place the order ur self thru their ipad. They dont take orders by hand”

Mary is not just thinking this is a sideline, she’s downright serious and the results are impressive.

On Sunday, March 4th she had obtained enough items to qualify for free shipping. This order seen to the left was 16 pcs for a total of P3,730 pesos with free shipping.

So in less than one full 7 day week she is making sales and money. Mary is literally a walking talking portable Fashion Boutique with hundreds of products to offer.  She is truly a Super-Mom and an Amazing Fashionista.

UPDATE: March 7th

Another large order… To those of you that think this does not work… think again!