Written By Marilyn Mahinay

New 70 Year Old Earns Online

Eugene Earns Supplemental Income After Retirement

Brand new Quick Start Shopping Cart Member does not give up. At 70 years young Eugene and his wife teamed up together and made it happen. Eugene a sales professional from back in his time was tired of his retiree lifestyle and wanted something more especially an additional income resource.

With very little online Internet experience, he put his head down and made the decision to simply go for it. In the beginning of February he joined our team and decided he would not just “Give it a Try”, but to simply “DO IT”. Yes he had some struggles, but Eugene prevailed and by March 21st submitted his first order of 14 pcs.

We cannot tell you how proud we are for him and his wife. This proves that age young or old has no limits as long as you are willing to learn and do the work.

Filipino’s today, especially those in there 20’s are more used to instant gratification and sometimes that’s not practical. Business is not instant gratification. It’s not about me, me, me.
It’s about your customer and helping solve their problems.  “I want a new dress for Easter, or I would like to have a new dress for a special date. Understanding the needs of your customer and learning to know when and how to approach them properly is critical.

We SALUTE & CONGRATULATE Eugene and his lovely wife… GOOD JOB!