Important Updates and Revisions

Time To Keep Up

We have added this Updates and Revisions page so you as members can keep up with what’s going on in our world of online selling. Please check back as often as you wish to see any new updates or revisions. You are responsible for keeping up. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to connect with our help desk via Instant Fashion Business Messenger.



Yearly Video Subscription Service

Building trust is everything no matter what you want to sell. Every month you can download a new marketing video for your products and business. This is called brand recognition. By the end of one full year you’ll have 12 marketing videos on the Internet.

When people see that you are serious about your marketing, you are legit and a reliable seller.  This is one of the most powerful and least expensive ways to get your name and brand out on the Internet.

Post your videos anywhere online you wish.
One Time Yearly Fee: P495 pesos.

Our normal fee for a branded marketing video is P350 pesos per video.  That’s P4,200 pesos for all 12 videos, but NOW you can avail the yearly fee of P495 to get all 12 videos.

We can even brand your videos for you for an additional tiny fee for each video. This fee is optional and not required. Just another Cool Service from Lynns Fashion Store.



Pricing & Profits

We heard you loud and clear!  You wanted a P100 pesos profit margin for each item. DONE! Effective November 15, 2019, all items on your shopping cart will be increased by P50 pesos.

This also allows you to offer discounts on your supporting Facebook pages and can even offer the infamous (4 pcs Minimum & Get Free Shipping) to your customers.  Of course, you will still pay for the shipping and still make a profit on those orders.



We have joined the Niche Market

Overall sales are up for our members. Yeaaa!  Ever since we moved to sell dresses and tops exclusively, sales are up and we have a bunch of very happy reseller-members. Effective Oct 1, 2019.

What does niche selling mean? In the quickest terms… When you are known for only selling dresses and tops, then when a woman comes to look for dresses and tops, her expectation is that she is there not to window shop but to buy.

Millions of women in the Philippines are buying millions of dresses every year. Now is the time to get your slice of the pie!
[Learn More About Niche Marketing ]