To view our wholesale shopping cart you have two options… 1. Click on any album on the home page of and it will take you seamlessly to our actual wholesale shopping cart at to select and order. 2. Just click the Wholesale banner on the home page and again you’ll be seamlessly transferred to the wholesale shopping cart.

Using our customized shopping cart system will make your life a whole lot easier and not only will you save time, but you will get a COPY of your complete order in the email immediately.

This not only saves you time but us a lot of time as well. We know you are probably used to doing it the old way but please follow the below step by step instructions and you will be very happy and satisfied.  Thank you!

Remember there is NO MINIMUM ORDER!


What’s the difference between a Guest and a Registered User?

  1. Being a Registered User requires you to fill up the same info as the Guest only you are asked to insert a password. This is where you put in any password you want because you are creating a registration so you never have to fill up the form again…
  2. This is good because all you need to remember is your email address and password for the next time you buy…
  3. If you are a repeat buyer this eliminates having to fill up the registration again and again… its much faster and EASY! SAVES A LOT OF TIME so Register first..


STEP 1: Selection Options.. You can start by clicking the Black CATEGORIES  Box in the UPPER LEFT CORNER on the only Text Titled “ALL ITEMS”
This will open up a page with all of the items…

Note!… There is now a little drop down box in the upper right corner immediately above the images…
You can select one of 8 options such as a-z, z-a or even start with lowest price or highest price.

STEP 2: Select a Item..  Just click on any image and it will open to the items personal page

STEP 3: Understanding What You See.. This page has a lot of information on it..

  1. Main Image and Additional Images
  2. Price
  3. Availability.. this shows automatically whether the item is in stock or not if you see it is NOT IN STOCK, DO NOT ADD IT TO THE CART!
  4. Model: this is just the date that we added the item to the shopping cart
  5. UNDER AVAILABLE OPTIONS it shows a drop down of colors and how many items are avaialble for that color. If it says 0, then DO NOT SELECT THAT COLOR
  6. THE “QTY” QUANTITY COLOR, found just below the COLOR OPTION… If there is 1 quantity in a particular color, then do not add 2 it will not work, so if there is only 1, just add1 of that color to the cart, it will automatically zero out the color if it was the last one as soon as your order is completed and everyone else will see that it is out of stocks.

STEP 4: Start adding items to the cart/basket.. Once you type in the QTY/Quantity click the black “Add To Cart” button and you will SEE the item being moved to the shopping cart to the upper right corner in the black box called “SHOPPING CART”.

Now you can click on the link to view your item(s)in the cart or simply GO OVER TO THE LEFT CORNER BLACK BOX and CLICK THE LINK… “ALL ITEMS” and you can then select another item and follow the same steps as above. Just do this over and over until you get however many items in your cart as you wish. It will automatically itemize and add the prices for you in the cart.

STEP 5: SHOPPING CART/BASKET… Now that you’ve added all of the items you want… In the “SHOPPING CART” Black box in the upper right corner, click the”View Cart” Link and it will open the SHOPPING CART with a itemized list of your selections.

Want to Remove an Item? Just click the box next to the item under the “Remove” column and then click the black button called “Update”, the cart will delete that item and update your total price.

Want to Continue shopping and maybe select more items? Simply click the Black Button called “Continue Shopping”

Have all the items you want and ready to process the order?  Simply click the “Checkout” Button

STEP 6: Should you Register or Sign in as a Guest? 

GUEST REGISTRATION: You must type in basic information for Name and Shipping info otherwise howdo we know where to ship to?
so fill up the form and at the BOTTOM OFTHE FORM be sure to note that there is a check box if you are shipping to another address other than yours…
Click the Black Continue Button at the bottom…now another page will open..

STEP 7: Shipping Method and Payment Method/Option…

Shipping Method, indicate whether you are expecting shipment or Pickup the items

Payment Method, simply select which payment method you wish to pay by.. The payment method is not set in stone and that means you can change your mind later when you make the payment. Maybe you originally selected LBC but end up wanting to do a BPI bank transfer. That’s ok, just let us know what you are doing.

Comments: you can even fill up the comments section if you have questions or anything to say.

In order for you to go to the next step you must check that you read the terms and conditions box then click the black button “Continue”

STEP 8: CHECKOUT CONFIRMATION PAGE will now open, review everything and if it’s correct click the black button “Confirm Order”

DONE: you are now seeing a CONFIRMATION PAGE and you will receive a full copy of your complete order in your email

WHAT DO YOU DO NOW!.. We will then either send you a second email for a 2nd verification, or you can email us or text us to advise of the order. Once we make contact with you and the order is confirmed, then we will need you to make the payment.

PAYMENT: Once the payment is completed you need to text us with the payment information and once we verify/confirm payment has been made we will ship the items NEXT DAY!

PAYMENT NOTIFICATION TO US: We cannot send any products unless you communicate directly with us via text, email or phone call. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE ORDERING IN ONE NAME and PAYING WITH SOMEONE ELSES EMAIL ADDRESS AND NAME… We will NOT SHIP unless you have communicated this to us.



The shopping cart system is still super easy to use and makes the ordering and verification system quicker and easier as both of us get a complete well laid out itemized order. You get an auto response with a copy of your order, we get a copy of the order and all we have to do is VERIFY the stocks are available and contact you at that time.

Heres the simple process:

  1. You select your items and submit the order
  2. We receive the order
  3. Then you pay right away as you have before WITH A TEXT TO US INDICATING WHERE THE PAYMENT IS MADE
  4. Upon verification of Payment Recieved by 4pm, Order can be shipped same day otherwise all orders paid and verified after 4pm then tthe Order is shipped NEXT DAY..  SPECIAL NOTE: IF YOU WANT TO FOLLOW UP, USE OUR  To Communicate with us. Please always use your real name, order number if it’s regarding an existing order.