Most wholesalers do not register their resellers, they simply let you copy
their images and paste anywhere you like and “HOPE” you buy from them.

And, That’s OK.  But, for Lynns Fashion Store, it’s not OK with us.
We understand basic business practices and require our resellers
to “REGISTER” with us. Why? Because we want to keep track of
who is actually making sales and who isn’t.

It’s Important to see if we can help those resellers that are not selling.

1. Use a Free Facebook Business Page
2. Place a Video Describing Your Business In Your Video Cover
3. Pin Your Contact & Payment Options in a Post at the Top Of Your Posts
4. Post a Minimum of 50 Items on Your FB Page
5. Make Sure Your Products are Current & Not Sold Out On a Daily Basis
6. Take Advantage of Our Video Services
7. Take Advantage of Our Post Banner Services
8. Take Advantage of Our Marketing Packages and/or Marketing Modules
9. Make Sure You Familiarize Yourself With Our Terms & Conditions & FAQ Content
10. Use Our Awesome Help Desk When You Realize You Are Not Making Sales

We want everyone of you to succeed and be super successful and support yourself and your fabulous family,
However, we are not responsible for your inaction, your lack of sales or your lack of effort.

It’s important to LEARN TO EARN!
Read each and every page on our websites, make yourself familiar how to conduct business with us properly.
Take full advantage of our marketing services and definately avail our new digital book “Our Top Reseller Secrets”
If you are unable or do not wish to invest as little as P250 for valid, valuable and useful information that you can
Implement to help you make sales, we are not the wholesaler for you. It’s always your choice but you should invest in
yourself, your business and your families future. We wish you the very best in your business venture & GODBLESS!