Written By: Marilyn Mahinay

How To Remove Similar Page Suggestions Facebook Philippines

I know that I personally don’t like to allow competitors to appear on my business page.  Why?  Because I simply don’t like it when my visitors are distracted by other competitors on my Facebook page. They are nothing but exit doors to my competitors. I feel this is not a good business practice if you are serious about your business.

To remove similar page suggestions on Facebook in the Philippines is the same as anywhere in the world. But you must be an admin to the page to turn them on or off.


How Do I Turn Similar Page Suggestions Off?

As the admin be sure you are logged into your personal Facebook account first. Then open your business page and follow the steps below.

  1. At the top of the page in the upper right corner, click Settings.

  2. A new page will open, click General in the upper left column.

  3. In the right column lower down, click Similar Page Suggestions.

  4. You will see a checked box, un-check it.

  5. Click Save Changes. You’re Done!


After you click the edit button the popup below will appear


Is this the same procedure for my personal Facebook fan page to turn off the similar page suggestions?

Yes, it is and if you are selling products or services on your personal page, then I would recommend turning the similar page suggestions off there as well.


What is the benefit of keeping similar page suggestions on?

The only slight benefit I can think of is that if you leave it on, those others that have it on,  may or may not have your thumbnail image on their page. So if one of their visitors is browsing around and sees your recommended page, they click on it and you have a free visitor.

If you disable this feature by unchecking the box and remove your similar page suggestions, you will not be on anyone else’s pages either.


So what is best to do,  check or uncheck the box?

Personally, I’ve been selling online since Facebook started and they are becoming more and more like a marketplace and I don’t like marketplaces in general. Why? Because they force price wars on you and allow other competitors to advertise on your page. You have no control over hardly anything.

If you are a savvy marketer and seller of products or services, you will know that having the most control over whom you drive to your products or services is hard and sometimes costly work.

When Facebook makes it a default feature (although it can be turned off), when you do spend your time finding customers and motivating them to come to your page to review and possible buy your products or services, the last thing you want is for unwanted competitors on your page to distract them and possibly steal your potential customers.

Facebook Wants A Good Customer Experience but the unintentional result is they are allowing other competitors to cut into your sales and profits.

Remember, this is from my viewpoint, that of a seller and not a visitor. I believe it is important that sellers should have a good experience also and should not be forced into allowing unwanted competitors to be visible on our pages.

Thank goodness, Facebook allows for this feature to be disabled.


But, Won’t I lose possible new friends from other sites if my suggestions page is disabled?

The best answer I can give you is that if you are not an active marketer of your own business, then yes you can possibly get a new friend/customer.

However,  I’d rather have the feature disabled and have control and keep all my customers that I bring to my pages, rather than take the chance of losing a customer I worked hard to bring to my pages.