Created By Marilyn Mahinay

How Do I Get My First Online Sale In the Philippines?

With your real effort and positive attitude along with the 8 sure-fire ways below, you can achieve that first sale here in the Philippines and even more.

  1.  Focus On A Niche Of Buyers

This is often overlooked not because you didn’t think of it already, but because you probably don’t know how to find the right customer at the right time. Then you need to know how to approach them. That’s always been the delimna.

Yes you can do Facebook ads, and target customers that way, but if you pay attention to your Facebook family and friends, you have a solid foundation of customers for free.

Yup, the real close friends and family might be a little harder to sell to but, you can sell them. The rest of your friends should be much easier to sell your products to. It’s all laid out for you below and you will get excited to get to it.

  2. Use Holidays and Special Events To Promote Your Products

Let’s say you are selling dresses and tops online. Your niche is female teens and adults. They are your target market.

The strategy is very simple, use holidays and special events to promote your dresses or tops.
Facebook offers a birthday announcement feature and if you’re not using them in a smart way to promote, you’re leaving money on the table.

We call this Low-Hanging-Fruit. But, the caveat is if you are too pushy, too salesy, you can get into trouble with Facebook.

There is a special way to approach a birthday girl

“Hi, I just got this cool announcement that your birthday is coming up. I want to be the first to wish you a happy birthday.  When I visited your profile page just to catch up on you and yours, I realized I have a beautiful party dress that would make you look stunning and your eyes sparkle. I’m actually excited to hear what you think about it. Do you want me to send you a link to the dress or an image?

At this point, you end the messenger chat and then wait to see what the reply is. If they reply image or link, you have just started the sales process. So how cool is that?

Does this work all the time? Of course not. But it works a lot and a lot of sales are made because of it.  It works mainly because there is a little bit of human and sales psychology involved.

You approached the birthday girl with a birthday greeting, you complimented her in a subtle way and you piqued her curiosity. What woman does not want to see a dress that will make them look stunning and their eyes sparkle?

This is the kind of approach that Lynns Fashion Store offers not just their reseller members but to nonmembers as well.  When we use this, the majority ask for a link.

So think in terms of special events and holidays and use them in a smart way to approach these women at the right time.  Sell party dresses for birthdays, New Year’s Eve parties, Weddings, Graduations, Office Parties, 1st Dates (Impress that special guy?).  Think in terms of holidays like New years eve, Valentine’s, Easter and Christmas and everything in-between.


3.  Use Videos To Promote Your Products

I do have to admit that videos are incredibly effective. But you need to know how to use them appropriately. Facebook loves personalized native videos. They don’t like Youtube video and links on their posts. After all they’re in direct competition with the youtube is more of a place for “How-To” videos.

That’s other than the movies, music and other stuff you find. But if you can create a video on how to wear a dress properly or how to clean a silk dress or how to do this or that with your products. You’re likely to gain a lot of free traffic.

But remember, there is a process not just in creating the videos but how to optimize them properly so they’ll been seen properly. Videos are also excellent for approaches as well.



4.  Use Social Media To Promote Your Products

Here in the Philippines we all know and love Facebook. But you have to acknowledge the changes and that many of them are not in a sellers best interest. But they are still an incredible way to connect with friends, family and strangers and a great tool to promote your business.

But be careful and read their terms of service or you can get into trouble. I personally love Facebook and do a lot of business using them but you cannot put all your business eggs in one basket or you could one day end up with no basket and no eggs.


5.  Use Blog Posts To Promote Your Products

Everyone hears how great blogging is. But often just like making that first sale, a blog has to be created properly for it to help drive lots of traffic to your products or services.

Blogs really are a great way to help you get to that first sale. And I highly recommend them as we use a blog also and you too can generate a lot of organic free traffic from the search engines. They love blog posts if they are done correctly.



6.  Build an Email List

We’ve all heard that email lists are dead and social media has taken over. Well, don’t accept that group thinks so fast. When a social media gets upset and bans you or changes their terms of service or goes out of business, you are left high and dry if that ever happens.

An email list is like your website backup. If something goes wrong, you have your backup. But an email list is more than just a backup. It’s your own list, you own it and no one can take it away from you. After you build a list of current buyers, would you like to sell more to them?

After all, they already know you, like you and trust you so they are easier to sell to.  You can upsell them to a more pricy item or service or cross-sell them to another product or service.

You can stay in touch with them in an automated way. Imagine sitting down for a day and coming up with a newsletter that gives them great content along with promotional offers for every month.

7.  Use a Chat Script for Common Questions and Answers

This is probably my most favorite. Our reseller members do a good job at selling but when we came out with a pre-scripted chat power book of approaches, answers, and questions, sales dramatically increased overall.
We simply issued this power book to all our members and what a difference it has made.

The concept of knowing what the common questions your customers ask is not a concept but a reality.  If you are selling products, probably the most common question here in the Philippines you will get is: “Do you have this item on hand?”.

The most common answer is uh, no but I’ll check to see if it’s available. Then the customer disappears and you lost the sale and the customer.

The best response is “Yes! We can ship it to you right away. What are your address?”  Once again does it work all the time? Of course not but it does work a lot.  If anything it encourages the customer to tell you why they’re not ready yet to give you their address for shipping.

They will likely ask more questions. This is a very powerful way to promote your business online with chat and I can even show you a way how to turn likes into sales. How cool is that?



8.  Use Better Titles That Attract Viewers and Readers

We are all guilty of reading that magazine or article and bouncing around Google or Youtube looking at the titles to determine what we going to focus on. Just like in Youtube it’s the thumbnail image of the video and the title that determines if we’re going to spend time watching it.

Titles can make or break an article. Titles in an Email will determine how often it is opened or not.  Titles are more important than you think but if you want to truly get more views or reads, then go online and type in a search term like magazine covers.

Most magazines have the best titles.  They are experts and getting your attention so there is your real resource.

Understand Who You Really Are

You are not a Lazada or an Amazon. You are an independent, micro online business. Unless you have millions of USD dollars to invest, don’t think about pretending to be able to sell everything to everyone. It just won’t work in a practical way.

Small Startups like you have to be smart about how you grow your business and that means sales. But, if you don’t know your limits (at least as a beginner) then you are probably on a path to failure.

There is, however, Lots of hope and a way to get those sales you want if you are willing to do the work in a smarter way.

Often newbies, when they don’t make sales blame the shopping cart or the products when in reality it is there marketing efforts and how they communicate with customers, is the culprit. It’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes. But when you get on the right track and start making sales your whole attitude will change.