We now offer to ship out of the country but a minimum of 50 pieces is required.
Shipping Courier: We have found that as the buyer from whichever country you are from, you can tell us how you wish to ship via which courier. By going to a local courier in your country, they can tell you the best way to ship and receive your items promptly and satisfactorily. So you must tell us how you wish us to ship to you, but remember, it’s a 50 piece minimum.
Because of the high turnover of our items, we cannot provide a printed catalog. However, our WHOLESALE WEBSITE is our ONLINE CATALOG. You can access all of our inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online. To make things even easier you may want to review our Instant Fashion Business Reseller Program as we will provide you with a Retail Version of our wholesale Inventory and that way your customers have direct access through your Instant Online Clothing Boutique.
YES! it’s true, we’re the only Direct Wholesale Supplier that offers no minimum order. WE also offer Direct Drop Shipping to your customer in your name which is a free option. But remember shipping fees are shouldered either by you or your customer. We do not offer Free shipping unless its a bulk order per drop ship. But we will ship just ONE ITEM to your customer if you want us to but you must pay for the shipping. Please ask us directly via Facebook chat or contact our sales staff if you need better clarification.
We no longer offer consignment options for our resellers. The reason is that after a few years we realized that most consignment sellers just don’t do a good job selling usually because they don’t know how to get traffic into their boutiques. Then by the time they return the items they are either damaged, had been used or out of style. And, on ocassion never get returned, nor do we get paid for them being sold. So as much as it sounds like a cool idea, it’s not practical for us to offer consignment any longer.
Yes, anyone can be a reseller for us. All resellers MUST REGISTER, NO EXCEPTIONS. The only thing we want you to be sure of is that you will be honest in your transactions. Both with your customers and us. WE HAVE TWO TYPES OF RESELLERS… You can simply use your Facebook to resell our products and you do all the work, copy paste etc. We have our Quick Start Membership which are usually previous Facebook resellers. So simply check out the difference between Facebook Resellers and the Quick Start Membership for resellers and decide for yourself.

But again, please register first. If we find that you have not registered we will block your IP address to all of our websites. A good business understands and tracks those that are selling for them. Without that kind of information, a business will flounder and eventually fail. Tracking systems, accountability and being a financially responsible supplier only helps our resellers.

Yes but you need to buy in bulk, for details simply contact the sales staff or Mam Lynn directly for bulk discounts.
The sooner you pay, the sooner we can verify yourpayment and ship.

NOTE: The term Shipping is not the same as Delivery. Ship means that we will release the order to the courier, pay the fee, receive and post the tracking number the courier company gives us. ONCE THE COURIER TAKES POSESSION OF YOUR ORDER, we are NO LONGER responsible for that order. The Courier has taken possession and responsibility for a paid fee to now deliver the order to you or your customer as quickly as they can. THIS IS HOW 99.9% of all online businesses deliver.

Weather, Traffic, Distance and Holidays all affect how fast or slow you will receive your items. JRS is our preferred courier because we believe they are the most reliable. So please take all of these things in consideration.

The answer is YES, that is considered Drop Shipping. We will drop ship for you at no additional fee however the shipping fee must be shouldered by you.
Yes we do. We have two memberships available. Our Facebook Reseller Membership is P495 pesos and is a ONE TIME FEE. IT’s a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP and even if you choose to stop reselling you can continue to avail products at full wholesale price for you and your family.

Our Quick Start Membership includes a Shopping Cart and Our products pre-loaded for you for a yearly fee of P1500 pesos.

For more details just visit Instant Fashion Business website.

Drop shipping is basically when a customer orders from you and we are your supplier, we will send that order directly to your customer in your name.
We do not send it to them in our name, that would not make sense. Another example is that your customer buys from you and they want you to send it to say a friend or family member as a gift. That is considered drop shipping.

HOW DO I CREATE A DROP SHIP ORDER? Once you add your selected items to our (LynnsFashionStore Wholesale Shopping Cart) you start the CHECK OUT PROCEDURE… As you go through the steps when it asks for YOUR ADDRESS that information is placed into the PAYING PERSONS ADDRESS (YOURS) Then you will SEE A SMALL CHECK BOX asking if the SHIPPING ADDRESS IS DIFFERENT THAN YOUR ADDRESS… CLICK THAT CHECK BOX! Now put in the address of your customer so that is the address we will ship to… Then complete the checkout. THAT IS HOW TO MAKE A DROP SHIP ORDER

BIG TIP: Always send a text and Email to [email protected] with a cc to [email protected] and tell them the order number and to make sure they know this order is a DROP SHIP…

We are human and when we’re super busy, we can make a mistake so if you follow up and give us a HEADS UP to do the DROP SHIP, you are insuring the drop ship is done… It’s just a tip …

NOTE: The term Shipping is not the same as Delivery. Ship means that we will release the order to the courier, pay the fee, receive and post the tracking number the courier company gives us. ONCE THE COURIER TAKES POSESSION OF YOUR ORDER, we are NO LONGER responsible for that order. The Courier has taken possession and responsibility for a paid fee to now deliver the order to you or your customer as quickly as they can. THIS IS HOW 99.9% of all online businesses deliver.

Weather, Traffic, Distance and Holidays all affect how fast or slow you will receive your items. JRS is our preferred courier because we believe they are the most reliable. So please take all of these things in consideration.

Yes we are Legit! We are registerd with DTI under Lynns Fashion Boutique. That is a registered NATIONAL NAME and not just for a local city.
We’ve been in the Fashion business since 2008 and started out as a reseller from home, then opened two separate real boutiques on two separate ocassions in two separate cities and have now built our very own wharehouse located in Banilad, Dumaguete City. We are excited as that warehouse is now open for business.
Yes we offer training and assistance to any of our resellers that want help in increasing their customer traffic and sales. We don’t care if you are a startup, a boutique owner or Facebook reseller. We want to help you. We have experience in operating regular boutiques as well as online boutiques using Facebook or have their own ecommerce shopping cart we can help. As long as you are our reseller we’re there to help you.

HOWEVER, if you are a member of our Instant Pro Online Boutique Plan, then you get all of the benefits we offer which gives you a big headstart in the industry if your just starting out and an edge over your competitors if you are an existing fashion business online or off.

The basic answer is YES! the real answer is if you are willing to put in the time and effort and learn and teach yourself all about marketing then the answer is a BIG YES. But if you think you only need to put a couple of items that you like up on your Facebook and pretend to be in business, then no.

We are the only real Direct Wholesale Supplier that offers full support to our resellers. We’ve created a very powerful and dynamic Instant Fashion Business Reseller program that does almost ALL THE WORK FOR YOU! With it we offer tools like a professional branded website with over 2000 items ready to sell. We remove all the sold out items daily and we add new stocks every week. You should try to put up 300 items on your Facebook and keep them current daily and see how hard that is. We offer online training, and branded marketing videos that help direct traffic to your IFB website… The more customers the more sales and we offer full sales support, I.T. Support and Marketing advice and tools.

The most powerful thing you can do to get started or restart is to use Facebook with the Instant Pro Online Clothing Boutique. Do it right the first time and you’ll get to where you want to go quicker and easier.

Nobody in this industry offers what we do.

If you want to “test” the waters… that’s certainly your choice but we’ve done everything possible to make it possible for you become successful and no one else cares, other than to sell you their wholesale products. We’re much more than that.

Do you want a husband only or a husband that is loving, makes money and is good to the kids.
Most Suppliers are just the husband type. We’re the one that is loving, will help you make money and take care of your kids. You Choose!

First you have to decide whether you want to just sell on Facebook Only and do all the work yourself or you want to signup for the Quick Start Reseller Membership and get a Jump Start to success.

Regardless of your choice, you MUST RESGISTER as a Reseller. No exceptions.

So please review both the Facebook Reseller Info and then the Instant Fashion Business Reseller Program Info and make your own decision.

If you need more clarification please feel free to chat with me on the Instant Fashion Business Facebook Page

Our shopping cart does not accept any form of payment. So there is no online payment using our shopping cart. We use it strictly for you to make a professional easy to use order. It does ask you what your preferred method of payment is and gives you a an option to check which one you prefer. But we do not require and do not accept payments online with our shopping cart. This eliminates any opportunity for anyone to ever hack your financial information.
We use our shopping cart as a professional easy to use order process only. Once you are done adding all the items to the shopping cart, have added your shipping address and personal information, you then select which payment option you want to use whether it’s a Bank Transfer or a money remittance, Smart Money or GCash etc. then you simply submit the order.

You immediately get a copy of your own order via email. We Lynns Fashion Store get the same order. WE VERIFY ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE, we then contact you via text, facebook or email and advise you to send the money. You then make the payment using whatever payment option you want and it’s ok to change your mind and use a different payment option you selected on the shopping cart. Once you made the payment, you CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY and tell us how and where you made the payment (yes you can send us a copy of the receipt from the remittance office). We then VERIFY YOUR PAYMENT and depending on the time of day, we will ship your items immediately. So either same day or next day.

If you have any questions regarding any order for any concern, simply contact the sales staff or Mam Lynn directly to help you with your order.

GREAT QUESTION! Yes we are much much better now also. We have 3 members in our Sales Staff plus Lynn the owner. WE have 3 cellphones, We use Viber, Facebook Messenger. You can call, text, email or leave a message so there is no excuse that you cannot connect with us 7 days a week!

Just check on our home page, its’ all there easy to see!

You are in Luck! We have a Web Developer / Graphic Designer on staff. So we can do logos, personalized Marketing videos, We can do a full propriatory website for you if you wish. We even have an experienced online and offline marketing expert so all you have to do is ask. We won’t charge you to ask any question you want. If you need something that costs extra we will tell you up front so you can decide if its right for you.

The key is that you have to ask. You may be surprised at what we can do for you and how quickly as well. Remember we are here to help you. You are our partner, not just a customer.

Instant Fashion Business is a very powerful reseller program. We have one plan. The Quick Start Membership is an online shopping cart that we maintain for you and is a 1 year plan.

As an example: Lets pretend that I am a single mother, I have over 2000 friends on my Facebook and I want to earn an income so I can pay my bills, buy clothing, medicine and food for my kids, have my own place to live and pay my own rent and not have to rely so much on my aunties and parents because they don’t have a lot of money either.

I signup and pay a one time fee for the Quick Start Reseller Membership from Lynns Fashion Store. They have their very own warehouse that all of their inventory is loaded into the shopping cart ready to sell.

Within 24 hours of them verifying my payment I have a professional shopping cart website that has a whole bunch of items already displayed on it.
The shopping cart website is branded with MY LOGO and has a unique website address with MY BUSINESS NAME in it.
My Facebook is linked to my new website shopping cart so all my Friends can link easily to my new website. I will explain how that works later in this example.

The items displayed are the same exact items that our warehouse “Lynns Fashion Store” has on their wholesale website. In other words “Their inventory is my inventory” .

That means that I have some items for men, some items for kids but mostly for womens clothing, like Dresses, Maxi Dresses, Long Dresses, Mini Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Tops, Knitted tops, pullovers, jackets, pants, shorts, Jumpsuits, J-shorts, Leggings, Jeggings, Swim Suits and so much more.

The shopping cart works like a normal shopping cart but my customer does not have to pay at time of order. Once my customer selects her items and submits her order, I instantly get a copy of that order in my email and so does my customer so she sees exactly what she ordered also and that’s cool.

I then go to my Direct Wholesale Suppliers, wholesale website and simply order from her shopping cart. They verify all items are in stock, then contact me to confirm that, and I then ask for payment from my customer. My customer pays me the retail price of each item, I then pay my supplier the wholesale price of each item and I keep the profit. Is that cool or what?

THE NICEST THING ABOUT ALL THIS is that the complete maintenance of my shopping cart is handled by the I.T. Staff of Lynns Fashion Store.
They remove all sold out items daily. They add new stocks every week and sometimes twice a week. I don’t even have to do any of that work!
They give me professional banners to add to my Facebook Page to direct my Facebook Friends to my new Shopping Cart.

They give me a professional branded shopping cart with my logo, website address and a cool MARKETING VIDEO.

They also gave me a link to a password protected ONLINE TRAINING PAGE, that teaches me how to do other cool marketing techniques. They don’t just give me an idea, they TELL ME and SHOW ME exactly what to do so I don’t have to worry about figuring anything out.
When I had a question, it was easy to hop on their Facebook Support Page at “Instant Fashion Business” and ask any question I had and get them answered immediately via Facebook chat.

I no longer have to spend time copying items, pasting, typing descriptions and prices for every single product. It’s all done for me. Whew! What a time saver that is.

And when I do make a sale and I’m too busy to ship to my customers, I can have my SUPPLIER DROP SHIP the item(s) directly to my customers in my name. My customer does not even know it came from my suppliers warehouse. They think it came from me.

And that’s not all. The most coolest thing of all is that they don’t have a minimum order requirement. That means I can have one order come in with a single item purchase and my supplier will still drop ship just one item for me. Is that cool or what?
The very first thing they did when I called their tech support to ask a question was ask if they could analyze my Facebook Page to see what I could do to get the most sales from it. I had more male friends than female friends.

When they explained that male friends don’t buy womens clothing, I understood right away. They told me that having more female friends will make me money because male friends usually don’t buy womens clothing.

One Last Comment from the TECH DEPARTMENT:
We developed and created this Quick Start Reseller Membership To Make It As Easy As Possible For You. We’ve figured out how to do all the work for you for a very small one time yearly fee. The only thing you have to do is bring in your own customers. That’s it. But we do tell you exactly how to attract your own customers.

We are the only Direct Wholesale Supplier with a warehouse here in the Philippines that offers this. We want you to be successful.

Lets say your customer wants you as a retailor to ship via LBC because they have a LBC very close to them.
Just contact Lynn the owner and simply ASK. We cannot accommodate everyone but we may be able to drop ship to your customers preference but only on a individual case. So just ask Mam Lynn and see what she says.
Our preferred shipping company is JRS.

NOTE: The term Shipping is not the same as Delivery. Ship means that we will release the order to the courier, pay the fee, receive and post the tracking number the courier company gives us. ONCE THE COURIER TAKES POSESSION OF YOUR ORDER, we are NO LONGER responsible for that order. The Courier has taken possession and responsibility for a paid fee to now deliver the order to you or your customer as quickly as they can. THIS IS HOW 99.9% of all online businesses deliver.

Weather, Traffic, Distance and Holidays all affect how fast or slow you will receive your items. JRS is our preferred courier because we believe they are the most reliable. So please take all of these things in consideration.

After being in business for 8 years anyone can spot types of personalities based on how they fill out forms. Some are focused and get everything right the first time. Some are not focused, they have no clue what they are doing and fail to even fill in a field in the form.

Those that are not focused or easily distracted cause more problems, create extra work for everyone around them and they seem to be oblivious to what they are doing.

SO PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME, SLOW DOWN, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and it will eliminate extra work in the future. Nobody likes to redo over and over again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our system is setup so that if you submit a registration for 3 or more times on the same day, the computer will recognize you as a ROBOT and BLOCK YOUR IP ADDRESS to all of our websites. You will no longer be able to access our main website, shopping cart or Instant Fashion Business Website as well.

So please focus, take your time and submit your form only once!

When you signup and give us a business name, think about it. If you ever become successful, you will ultimately need an appropriate business name. Think in terms of how easy it is for the potential customer to find you either on Facebook or the Internet. Marys Womens Clothing is better than Marys Online Marketing Enterprise. Try to use what you are selling in your business name if possible. If you need help, just ask our support department.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you signup for our Instant Fashion Business Reseller Program, you get a shopping cart, marketing video and a business card template. IF YOU CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS NAME there will be an addtional fee to redo everything. No exceptions. So make sure the business name you wish to use is right the first time.

Always try to keep it as short as possible, McDonalds, Jolliebee etc. But its certainly ok if you have something like Lynns Fashion Store. There is no need to say online store because if your name is included in a domain name or website address, people know it’s an online business presence. The website will tell the visitor if there is a brick and mortar location or not.
Currently we do not provide bulk loading of our products to our resellers. This may be available later this year when we roll out our upgraded version of our IFB Shopping Cart.
Often we get multiple registrations from the same individual. Please only click the submit button once and wait for the acknowledgement, clicking the submit button multiple times is not necessary and if you reach 3 submissions in one day, your IP ADDRESS WILL BE BLOCKED FROM ALL OF OUR WEBSITES.

As an independent Direct Wholesale Supplier we have always recognized that Cash On Delivery is a popular feature. However, most online sellers do not realize that COD is a very high risk for resellers.

The buying customer, without risk or consequence may and canl cancel and/or refuse delivery for any reason. With that in mind, there will be terms and conditions you must agree to.

Lynns Fashion Store will provide C.O.D. Services through LBC
Many online resellers already have their own C.O.D. Courier and are now allowed to have their courier pick up the order directly from our warehouse.

1. You, the reseller must pay the product fee and the shipping fee in advance to Lynns Fashion Store “In Advance and Before” we allow the product to be dropshipped to your customer. This is regardless of who’s COD Courier you use.
2. This places the responsibility directly on your shoulders. You as a reseller will own the product until your customer receives the items and has paid the COD courier.
3. Upon successful delivery, the courier will have the customer sign for the delivery and pay for the order including the shipping fee.
4. Then based on the Couriers Payment Policy, the payment of the product and shipping fee will be sent to you the reseller within __________Days. Delays may occur depending on extreme weather conditions, brown outs and recognized holidays.
5. LBC COD COURIER/PAYMENT: So you as the reseller do not get your payment including the profit until the payment is delivered to you how you choose to accept payment. We prefer Bank Transfer as there are no fees on either party involved and it can be done online.
6. YOUR COURIER: If your COD Courier is delivering and accepting payment, then the payment agreement to you is based on their specific Terms and Conditions.
7. REFUSALS: Remember there is no consequence for the customer refusing the delivery/order. So when the order is refused, the order / package is brought back to the origin of the courier pickup.

COURIER FEE: Couriers do not deliver for free. So even if the delivery is refused they have already been paid the COD delivery fee and will not return that fee.
If the item is refused by your customer, the order is then returned to us the supplier as we are the origin of the pickup for COD Couriers. If that happens….

What this means is that those products now belong to you. However, because the COD requires a delivery fee whether the items were delivered or not, the Shipping Fee you paid in advance is already a loss to you. (Now you understand the risk aspect of COD Refusals).

So we will temporarily store your order and you have 30 Days to Re-Sell those products. But remember. If you do get someone else to purchase the items, we again must be paid for the shipping in advance before we will release the items to be delivered.

Many companies have the right to charge a restocking fee. We will not charge a fee. However, no later than 30 days you must pay the shipping fee so we can send the items to you. Or, we will assume you have abandoned the products and will place the item(s) back in stock for resale. We will notify you prior to the end of 30 days so you can choose to pay the shipping fee or relinquish the products back to us.


As you can see, COD is a marvelous feature for the consumer, but the risk of refusal and loss of shipping fee can cause a decrease in overall Net Profit of business every month.
Some members will have very little problems with COD while others will experience more than usual refusals.
Remember, this is your online selling business and it’s your risk, not the suppliers risk. It’s your customer that is ordering and requesting COD, not ours. So understanding the process of real business can be exciting, fun, scary and very rewarding.
If you have any questions please feel free to connect with our sales staff or Help Desk at Instant Fashion Business on Messenger…

A Facebook Reseller Member is simply a person that wishes to use their own Facebook Account to sell products online. If you use our products to copy paste, that’s fine and we welcome you, but we need to keep track of our resellers for statistical purposes and YOU MUST REGISTER or we may block you from access to our websites. We know that many that sign up fail quickly even when we give them all the tools and support they would need to become successful.

There is a whole website dedicated to explaining exactly what our Quick Start Reseller Membership is and how it works. Can you describe the 2 week vacation you just had in 3 sentences and make me feel like I know how wonderful it was? Probably not… so just visit, http://InstantFashionBusiness.com and do some fun research… lot of videos so enjoy.

Yes, if the items appear in our wholesale shopping cart they are available. HOWEVER, remember that we are a wholesale direct supplier. Just like when you go into a retail store and see an item you like, but wait to go get lunch first and when you come back it’s gone. The same thing can happen also with us.

We might have 10 pieces left of an item and then get 3 orders for the same item. The first order wants 10 pieces, the second order wants 1 piece and the 3rd order wants 5 pieces. We always sell on a first come first serve basis. So the first order gets all 10 pieces and the other two orders have to select something else. This is how any online product selling business works.

So if we do sell out just before your order is fulfilled, we’ll let you know immediately so you can tell your customer(s).
Always tell a customer, “I hate it when this happens. The item you selected was very popular and just sold out in our warehouse. Is there another style you like?” Etc.

Selling out is a good thing, not a bad thing… Be proud that your items are selling. Let your customers know that we always try to offer items that your customers like but they cannot delay in making decisions. Products go fast so if you see something, order it right away.

All items in our QuickStart Shopping Cart Membership has a default profit margin of P100 pesos per item.
This is enough to allow you to offer a discount if you wish to give a disount and the ever popular “4pc FreeShipping” Offer.
If a customer orders 4 pcs you can offer them free shipping.
Your profit is P400 – the shipping cost = your net profit.
Remember it’s your business so you are responsible for paying for the shipping fee.
If you wish to keep the full P400 pesos profit, then your customer will have to shoulder the shipping fee.