Written By Marilyn Mahinay

Edylyn A Newbie Makes Sales

Another Real Life Example Of Knowing What to Say and How To Ask Questions and Answer Questions Properly

Edlyn a brand new Quick Start Member Made a nice large order of over Php 6,000 pesos. When we have beginners do well, we always ask them how they approached their customers, what they said, what was asked by the customer and overall how they made the sale.

Here is what we found out.


“Regarding my success story, what I did was just follow your instructions.. when they asked about the item I posted if it’s available, I immediately answer… Yes, we can ship this to you right away! What’s your address?

However, when I observed that technique, some were not replying or not really keen to answering that question since they haven’t ordered yet or were not able to choose the color and size of the item. Hence, I made some tweaks and asked them a different question… After telling them that yes, we can ship the item to them right away..

I sent them the items’ different colors and sizes… I also told them the avail colors and designs… and asked them, “What colors and sizes do you prefer?”

Then, if they like something… they will quickly answer the colors and sizes that they want..

Once they answer that, I will quickly ask about their complete details and clarify their orders. I tell them that I can ship this tomorrow once they order today..

If just in case they don’t reply right away even if I already asked about the size and colors that they want…

I will quickly add this message… “Just in case your size is not here or you prefer something else… we can also share with you other pretty designs that you can look at… I’m excited to know what you think.. “

Or sometimes I tweak that and ask after the sentence…. I’m excited to know what you think…….. I will say, would u like to see the other designs?

Then I always ask… once they answer but still not yet placing their order, I’m always thinking of something to ask… like… when do you need these items? we can quickly ship them tomorrow if you order today… what’s ur size? Etc etc


Also, if they ask about the discount… I just answer according to your script… then they will order… and I also observed that since our shipping fee is more expensive than the others since we use JRS and LBC…

I think it’s always good to tell them that the shipping rate is like this for 1-4pcs if items…
Hence, they will surely make the most out of that P100plus shipping fee.

I noticed that with that technique, nobody orders just one item from me. They will always order at least 2 to try out the items. So I think it’s good to tell them that….


I wasn’t actually able to ask about why they ordered from me… hehe it’s awkward to ask why they are ordering a bra… I think it’s already common sense that people need and bras.. especially it’s wacoal and popular

The idea about the WHY for bras is … are you looking for a new bra to match a new dress or top?  Some might say because I just want a wacoal or my bras are getting old etc. But often it could be to match a new outfit… so it’s important to know because if it is to match something, they are telling you they are also buying other products like a dress or top OR may be looking for one…  I do like your ability to change up the questions.. you’re doing a good job.. Congrats

Wow that’s also a good suggestion!! I’ll try to ask that too. It can help build good relationship with customers and also initiate conversion. Thank you so much… 😊😊😊 Hehehe! Thank you for being a great teacher to me too!

Edlyn actually took all the training to heart. She never stopped believing. She had a little bit of a slow start but after many conversations on how to do this or that, Edlyn had that… “Aha Moment” and she started applying what she was learning with real customers.

But she did not stop at just say exactly what we taught her to say, she took it to the next level and incorporated what we taught her with new questions of her own. This is a very smart tactic.

This is not rocket science! It’s 80% believing in yourself, 10% applying what you learned and 10% willing to incorporate new responses with what you already know.

We learned from Edlyn that when a customer asks about a discount and the customer is not necessarily always satisfied with the answer we gave her.

She stepped up and added. You can actually get better value from the shipping fee if you order more than just one item. You can get up to 4 items for the same shipping fee as 1 so you get more value when you order more.

Even our newest members continue to teach us something new!  This is how everyone learns what truly works and makes sales!

Edlyn is now building a personal relationship with these customers.  The customer on their first order will average as we tell everyone, 1-2 items per order.

But once you build trust and they like you, they will become repeat buyers and then the average order will increase to 2-4 items or more. When that happens, you will then learn how to upsell and cross sell to the same customer all year long and that’s when you develop a reliable monthly income and you get to smile all the way to the bank!