Do You Have Product Integration?

Yes,  What we do have is we use an excel spreadsheet (xlxs)  to import all product details to our wholesale shopping cart platform.

XLXS Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet contains everything from dates, titles, descriptions, colors, main images to additonal images and more.

However, if the spreadsheet is not exactly what you need, you can edit it or download your own specific spreadsheet from your platform and manually merge certain cells appropriately.  In other words, there may be a little extra work for you. But, all the details are there for you to use

Downloadable Zip File Of Product Images

To go along with the xlxs spreadsheet is the images that match the spreadsheet. Titles are all matching and of course, can be edited as well. The product images are stored in their own zip files.

Easy Access For Members Only

The download page is password protected and can only be accessed by Lynns Fashion Store reseller paid members. We provide a page where the spreadsheet and images are all stored in one zip file and ready for download. The zip files are dated so you can select the latest files for download.

Do You Auto Update Existing or Previous Zip Files?

Sorry, but at this time we do not. So what that means for you is that you have to manually check our wholesale shopping cart to determine if a product is sold out or not and if you have products that we no longer display, you should remove them as they have been sold out.

There Is No Such Thing As Unlimited Products

What this means is that we have no control over advising how long a product will be available. Some products are more popular than others. Seasonality has a lot to do with certain kinds of products and how fast or slow they move. Neither you or we can guestimate how fast or slow a product will stay available or be sold out.

So it is your responsibility to check on a regular basis. how often you check will be determined by you. If you are selling a lot of products you should check more often. Keeping your products current is also a customer satisfaction issue. So you are responsible for that.