As an independent Direct Wholesale Supplier we have always recognized that Cash On Delivery is a popular feature. However, most online sellers do not realize that COD is a very high risk for resellers.

The buying customer, without risk or consequence may and can cancel and/or refuse delivery for any reason. With that in mind, there will be terms and conditions you must agree to.

Lynns Fashion Store will provide C.O.D. Services through LBC
Many online resellers already have their own C.O.D. Courier and are now allowed to have their courier pick up the order directly from our warehouse.

1. You, the reseller must pay the product fee and the shipping fee in advance to Lynns Fashion Store “In Advance and Before” we allow the product to be dropshipped to your customer. This is regardless of who’s COD Courier you use.

2. This places the responsibility directly on your shoulders. You as a reseller will own the product until your customer receives the items and has paid the COD courier.

3. Upon successful delivery, the courier will have the customer sign for the delivery and pay for the order including the shipping fee.

4. Then based on the Couriers Payment Policy, the payment of the product and shipping fee will be sent to you the reseller within __________Days. Delays may occur on Sundays Closed, extreme weather conditions, brown outs and recognized holidays.

5. LBC COD COURIER/PAYMENT: So you as the reseller do not get your payment including the profit until the payment is delivered to you how you choose to accept payment. We prefer Bank Transfer as there are no fees on either party involved and it can be done online.

6. YOUR COURIER: If your COD Courier is delivering and accepting payment, then the payment agreement to you is based on their specific Terms and Conditions.

7. REFUSALS: Remember there is no consequence for the customer refusing the delivery/order. So when the order is refused, the order / package is brought back to the origin of the courier pickup.

COURIER FEE: Couriers do not deliver for free. So even if the delivery is refused they have already been paid the COD delivery fee and will not return that fee.

If the item is refused by your customer, the order is then returned to us the supplier as we are the origin of the pickup for COD Couriers. If that happens….

What this means is that those products now belong to you. However, because the COD requires a delivery fee whether the items were delivered or not, the Shipping Fee you paid in advance is already a loss to you. (Now you understand the risk aspect of COD Refusals).

So we will temporarily store your order and you have 90 Days to Re-Sell those products. But remember. If you do get someone else to purchase the items, we again must be paid for the shipping in advance before we will release the items to be delivered.

Many companies have the right to charge a restocking fee. We will not charge a fee. However, no later than 30 days you must pay the shipping fee so we can send the items to you. Or, we will assume you have abandoned the products and will place the item(s) back in stock for resale. We will notify you at prior to the end of 30 days so you can choose to pay the shipping fee or relinquish the products back to us.


As you can see, COD is a marvelous feature for the consumer, but the high risk of refusal and loss of shipping fee can cause a decrease in overall Net Profit of business every month.
Some members will have very little problems with COD while others will experience more than usual refusals.
Remember, this is your online selling business and it’s your risk, not the suppliers risk. It’s your customer that is ordering and requesting COD, not ours. So understanding the process of real business can be exciting, fun, scary and very rewarding.
If you have any questions please feel free to connect with our sales staff or Help Desk at Instant Fashion Business on Messenger…