BLOG-BD-GIFTYears ago, I was doing things the hard way. “What Month Were You Born In” I would ask the person that just bought my product. When asked why, I would lie to them and tell them it was for a survey. Then when that persons birthday month would arrive, I’d send them a Happy Birthday Card and a nice note that told them I was thinking of them and hoped all was going well. I did mention if there was anything I could help her with to just let me know. 

Well, I got a phone call from this customer. She was crying and said that everyone had forgotten her birthday except me. She was angry but happy at the same time. She then asked me if I could help her with finding a special dress for her niece for her birthday party coming up in the next week. Needless to say a sale was made, but what happened after that is what was more important.

She apparently scolded all of her family and friends that missed her birthday. She then proceeded to tell them that I was the only person that remembered her and how nice I was to help her. I received thank you emails and phone calls from 11 of her family and friends. Most of them asked what they could do to help me also and all I said was refer my website to their friends and family.

I received 23 orders totaling over 8.000 pesos in the next two weeks from their referrals only.  I never really took the idea of using birthdays as a serious way to increase my sales but what had happened was eye opening.

Now years later, we still continue to use this for our Retail customers but this time we love to use Facebook. They have an excellent Birthday App that notifies you of up coming birthdays. So what are you waiting for. Start sending out birthday invitations to visit your website with any special offers you can come up with….  Need ideas on how to do this? Just contact our support department.