Start using your Facebook to resell our fashion clothing. It’s Free and easy.
You don’t need to own a desktop computer but, having a laptop or tablet is preferred. A smart cell phone that has Internet access can help but is still difficult here in the Philippines. Essentially you need to be able to copy/paste product images,check your email and/or Facebook chat messages to be able to communicate with us and your customers.

Having strictly a data phone with no Internet Access will not work. Some really dedicated resellers that don’t have those items use the Internet Cafes which works well for them.


Step 1: Go to Lynn’s Fashion Store Ecommerce/Shopping Cart website. Your on that website now.

Step 2: Click on the item album you like and it will take you to the order page. Simply left click on any image and it will enlarge. Then Right Click on that image and click the “Save Image As” to your desktop and save into a new folder you just created.

Step 3: Paste the image into your wall/timeline and add your description and retail price that you want to sell it for. PRICING: (REMEMBER that the price that we post on our wholesale website is a wholesale price and that is the price you pay us for that item) Example: Wholesale price is 160 pesos, we recommend you mark it up to 260 pesos on your facebook. That give you a 100 pesos profit and also room to give a discount if your customer asks and you choose to give a discount. But it’s always your choice of the retail price you choose.

Step 4: Simply repeat Step 3… WE RECOMMEND YOU POST A MINIMUM OF 40-50 items if not more… This process takes a little time but is worth it if your friends and family like and want to buy those items from you.
IMPORTANT NOTE* There is NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENT If you have specific questions, please call or text Marilyn the owner or anyone on our sales staff.

SMART: 0939 901 5472 GLOBE: 0917 314 1554 SUN: 0925-874 -8846

If you know how you can post a contact form on your Facebook to make it easier for your customers to order or you can simply tell them to send you a message with the title of the item, the description, color, size and quantity.


Step A: Go to our wholesale website and select the same items and submit the order to us.

Step B: You need to wait for us to notify you that items and colors etc. are available and in stock.

Step C: Once you get our verification of items in stock, you ask for the payment from your customers, OR you can pay in advance to us the wholesale total and we will ship directly to you same day or next depending on time of day… ONCE WE VERIFY PAYMENT IS ACTUALLY AND REALLY MADE!

Step D: DO NOT DELIVER THE ITEMS TO YOUR CUSTOMERS UNLESS YOU GET PAID FIRST…. PERIOD… Meetups are common but always get the money before you leave item with the customer, Do Not Take Credit, you will regret it if you do!

SHIPPING FEE: YOU MUST PAY A SHIPPING FEE TO US IF WE SHIP TO YOU.. WE OFFER DROP SHIPPING DIRECTLY TO YOUR CUSTOMER ALSO and they will think it came from you and not us. But the shipping fee must still be paid.

Always check our other pages, read all the content, educate yourself and know how to conduct business with us properly. You will have more confidence when you are more informed. You will be able to answer your customers questions easier and quicker and make more sales!