Reseller Instructions

free-resellersReselling our products on Facebook requires that you register as a member first. To get proper authorization Click Here to Sign Up. It’s easy and fast and you can start reselling immediately as a Free Facebook Reseller!

We offer step by step instructions because we have tested and proven methods. All too often, having the desire to sell online but not understanding proper marketing and advertising techniques can result in very low to no sales at all. The reseller gets frustrated, fails and walks away not knowing it was their fault.

Steps to success require certain personality traits. You must be willing to follow instructions. You must be willing to learn and you must be willing to focus and not be distracted easily.  You do not need a college education to follow instructions.



Selling on Facebook is fine and can be very profitable, but you need to know that paying customers don’t want to hear about your pain in a relationship. They don’t want to see selfies everyday of you over and over, they don’t want to see your weaknesses and what you ate and drank last night. It’s fine if you are just chatting with your bff’s but quite frankly Paying customers expect you to look and act like a trustworthy and reliable business.

IF YOU WISH TO SELL & MAKE MONEY FROM THE FACEBOOK PLATFORM, you need to look like a business, act like a business, present products like a business and give your customers a sense of trust and reliability. Otherwise no one will buy from you, not even your friends. If you expect them to send you money for a product, they have to believe that you will deliver that product and not take their money and go party with it. In your regular Facebook page, do you look and act like a reliable person or do you act like a love torn teenager?

Follow These Steps!

Step 1.

Decide Which Facebook Page To Use:

You can use your personal Facebook page but you will have a harder time making sales. Sorry it’s the science that says so, not us.


If you have the ability to make professional looking header banners then you are way ahead of most others. If not, we can help but our graphic experts do require a fee for the service. Just let us know how we can help.

Step 2.

Profile Picture:

Your profile picture shows up when other people look at your images, messages etc. So having an appropriate profile pic is important. It can be you, it can by your child but it cannot be a silly face, no crossed eyes, no tongues sticking out. It should have a nice big smile. Finally add a little white bar at the bottom of the profile picture and type in Business Name. And you’re good to go.

Step 3.

Copying Images:

Go to our wholesale website at and find the items you want to sell. The images you see that have 3 pics on each image is called an album cover. Click on the album cover and it will automatically connect you to our wholesale shopping cart on the product page. Click on the large image again and it will enlarge to its full size. Right click on your mouse and select “Save Image As” and save it into a file folder on your desktop.

Repeat this procedure until you have all the images you want to offer for sale.

Hint: If you are a paid Quick Start Reseller Member, the shopping cart can be used as a tool to add images with the click of a share button. How cool is that?


We highly recommend you post a MINIMUM of 50 Items!  The more you post the more opportunity for you to sell and you have to keep checking daily to make sure the items are in stock.  Just like you, it’s a real turn off to find out items are no longer available and you did not remove them from your Facebook page. Customers will not come back if it happens more than once.